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We’re lower priced than many of the other smaller yearbook companies … and LOTS lower than the giant firms.

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But lower price does not mean less of anything else.

• 2018 digital printing technology (ours) is visibly better than most other print solutions.

• Premium 100 lb. gloss coated pages with UV coated, PUR perfect bound soft-covers and PUR case bound hard cover books are top-of-the-line.

• Our yearbook software is absolutely the most loved in the industry.

• Crazy-fast turnaround times: 10-business days for softcover  OR  hardcover.

• Your own personal yearbook trainer — this should be at the top of the list because your trainer is your guarantee this will be Easy … and Fun. (Our trainers average 10-years of online yearbook software training experience. They know this stuff cold; and they have time and patience for you if need it.)

Sample Quote:

We quote every project individually so that you’ll get our absolute best price for the exact yearbook features you want.

Find out at the end of the year that your book is 122 pages instead of 96? Or that you only need 140 books instead of 200?

You can make those changes up to your proof approval day. Your cost/book will change slightly depending on if you’re adding or subtracting pages or quantity … but you won’t be required to pay for a contracted amount if you don’t end up needing what you thought you might.

Example one:

240 copies of a 48 page Softcover (UV coated/perfect bound) w/software and full customer support:

Simply Yearbook = $9.48
Picaboo = $15.93
Shutterfly = $22.32
Tree Ring = $16.62

Example two:

240 copies of a 60 page Hardcover book project is

Simply Yearbook = $19.08
Picaboo = $25.43
Shutterfly = $27.08
Tree Ring = $23.57

Looking for an easy fund raising idea?

Note the difference between Simply Yearbook and other firms. The difference is much greater yet if you happen to be using one of the ‘giant’ yearbook firms (LifeTouch, Jostens, or a few others)

If we’re selling books for you online (and even if we’re selling directly to you) … ask us to increase the published price and your school keeps the increase.

Other features you might LOVE

  • Drop photos directly from Facebook to your yearbook.
  • Use our app to load photos from your iOS or Android phone into your yearbook.
  • Many great templates for all types of pages
  • Make collages (and remake them) in less than 5 seconds.
  • Populate student photos for your entire school in minutes. Your Personal Trainer will show you how.
  • Your own Personal Trainer makes SURE the process is easy.
  • Set your own deadlines. We'll ship 10 days after you sign off on your proof (5 extra days for hard cover).
  • Hundreds of backgrounds included (or add yours to the library).
  • Want an index in your book? We have a tool for that.