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About Simply Yearbook

Each of our team members has ‘bought into’ the points below after years of experience providing yearbooks to schools, PTOs, and churches:

1. We will earn your business by over delivering on our promises.

2. We succeed when you are delighted, not a moment before.

3. We’ll never ask for longer-term commitments from you; we’ll earn the chance to continue providing for your school or church by succeeding with points 1 & 2.

Other features you might LOVE

  • Drop photos directly from Facebook to your yearbook.
  • Use our app to load photos from your iOS or Android phone into your yearbook.
  • Many great templates for all types of pages
  • Make collages (and remake them) in less than 5 seconds.
  • Populate student photos for your entire school in minutes. Your Personal Trainer will show you how.
  • Your own Personal Trainer makes SURE the process is easy.
  • Set your own deadlines. We'll ship 10 days after you sign off on your proof (5 extra days for hard cover).
  • Hundreds of backgrounds included (or add yours to the library).
  • Want an index in your book? We have a tool for that.